Ecton Inc. Case Analysis Essay

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a. Explain the technology or innovation introduced in the cases.

Cannon knew that his compact echo machine, which he carried under his arm by a single handle, would have to perform competitively in a room filled with state-of-the-art echo machines made by long-standing competitors such as Hewlett Packard -- each machine weighing more than the average NFL linesman and costing nearly a quarter of a million dollars. To view the functioning of the heart, the face of the transducer, which was usually no larger than 9 square centimeters, was placed on the patient's chest at various angles. The transducer delivered ultrasound waves into the body and these waves were reflected back to the transducer as they crossed interfaces of
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Great companies can fail -- not because they do anything wrong, but because they do everything right Clayton M. Christensen explains how to avoid a similar fate by determining when not to listen to customers, when to pursue small markets at the expense of larger ones, and other ways to ensure long-term growth and profit. It demonstrates why outstanding companies that had their competitive antennae up, listened astutely to customers, and invested aggressively in new technologies still lost their market leadership when confronted with disruptive changes in technology and market structure. Using the lessons of successes and failures of leading companies, The Innovator's Dilemma presents a set of rules for capitalizing on the phenomenon of disruptive innovation. These principles will help managers determine when it is right not to listen to customers, when to invest in developing lower-performance products that promise lower margins, and when to pursue small markets at the expense of seemingly larger and more lucrative ones.

e. How can the company position its technology to be most disruptive? What recommendations do you have for Ecton to best take advantage of the disruptive characteristics?

Once Ecton developed an imaging unit that performed acceptably in the anticipated market segments they must make a decision on their future. The critical issue they are facing is should they ramp up their marketing and

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