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Career Path Option 1: Ultrasound Technician
Career Category: Investigative

Job description (including daily responsibilities)
· Ultrasound Technician, also known as diagnostic sonographers, operate machines called sonographic scanners that create images of patients internal organs. They record findings and keep track of patient records, prepare patients for procedures by asking them questions about their history and answering any questions the patient might have, they also provide a summary of their findings for physicians to read.
Requirements for path (school, military, training, age, location, skills, etc.)
· For high school they recommend that you take classes in physiology, mathematics, and anatomy.
· Associate's Degree
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It is a skill that will always be needed thoughout the years.

Costs of this path (what you do not like or would miss out on by choosing this path)
· I wouldn't like not helping those who honestly don't want the help.

Benefits of this path (what you like or would gain by choosing this career path)
· I would like to help those around me. I dislike when others are hurting and I always want to find a way to help them. It would be a life changing experiance and I would get to meet alot of people.

In at least one paragraph, which career category did your survey responses reveal? Discuss whether you agree or disagree with the results of the survey and why.
I agree with the results of the survey. The survey responses revealed that I was "Social". I have always enjoyed being around other people, I enjoy learning about other cultures and the lives of others. That is one main reason why I would like to go into the Medical Field.
In at least one paragraph, which of these two career paths is more interesting to you? In your response, be sure to address the following:
· factors that influenced your choice, like family concerns, housing, or finances
· how your choice may change over time
· how this career path compares to the future job you had in mind before the survey
The most

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