Economics : Economic Decisions And Systems Essay

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Economic Decisions and Systems:
1. GoPro is satisfying the “want” of a compact, heavy-duty, durable, and quality wearable camera of many consumers across the world. This camera allows for on-the-go video recording with stunning resolutions, offering the same quality that many professional cameras use. Although this item is not a “need,” or necessary to live, it is highly sought after by consumers of all ages.
2. GoPro states that as of September 30th, 2015, they had 1,460 employees. This is a large business, as the average U.S. threshold for a “large business” is 500 employees. GoPro exceeds this threshold with flying colors.
Economic Activity:
1. As of January of 2016, GoPro’s stock sits at $17.00 ($GPRO), which is an all-time low for the company. One could argue that this “recession,” or a decline in production, profits, or economic activity, is due to the fact that many consumers already own a previous model of the GoPro, and failed to “support” the company by upgrading to the latest model. The GoPro is still a relevant item, which will not go away or become obsolete anytime soon; the stock should be watched carefully for growth and recovery.
2. As of February of 2015, an article was published stating that GoPro sold 2.4 million units in the 4th Quarter, hitting $633.9 million in sales. The article mentions that the company “(shipped) the equivalent of 1,000 cameras an hour during the quarter.”
Business in the Global Economy:
1. GoPro exports their cameras to 200+…

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