Economic Recovery Program : The Marshall Plan Essay

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Economic Recovery Program: The Marshall Plan Near the end of World War II the allies met to determine the future of the European continent. Avoiding another economic depression situation that occurred after World War I, the
Allies had to develop a plan to rebuild the economies of European nations. For instance, the German economy the last 10 years was producing only military hardware. So, how do you turn around countries industry where it has been completely destroyed, lacks the money or credit to rebuild, where the people will be starving, people will have no place to live and there will be no functioning government? The Economic Recovery Program, more commonly known as the Marshall Plan, became the roadmap, a $13 billion aid package funded by the US, distributed among European nations for rebuilding industry, restore agriculture, regain financial stability, and re-establish governments and for the United States prevents Soviet influence throughout the region (Marshall Plan). The Marshall Plan was developed and written by Secretary George C. Marshall. this plan contained elements for the expenditure of funds provided by the United States to rebuild the industries, prevent starvation, provide security, establish trade, restore agriculture and most importantly the United States, prevent spread communism in the devastated areas of Europe. The Communists want to use the same situation that brought Hitler to power, no jobs, no food, and most importantly, no leadership, so…

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