Economic Factors Of The American Revolution Essay

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To begin, the phrase “no taxation without representation” described an idea that was extremely significant to the cause of the American Revolution. The idea of being taxed to raise revenue was economic, though the idea of not being represented in government was certainly political. Therefore, this idea supports how politics and economics went hand-in-hand in causing the revolution. Economic factors were greatly significant in causing the American Revolution. A leading cause of the American Revolution was, in fact, taxes being passed that the colonists did not agree with. These taxes were being passed in an effort to balance the debt caused from war- a war that the colonists were benefited from. However, the colonists objected to these taxes and claimed that they went against their rights as an individual. This idea essentially blew up and became a very popular idea among colonists as a reason for independence from Britain, thus causing the American Revolution. For example, the Stamp Act was an act that was passed in order to “defray the expenses of defending, protecting, and securing, the British colonies and plantations in America” (Doc A). As explained in document A, the Stamp Act was passed for economic reasons since it was used to pay back debt from the war. However, the colonists refused to see the Stamp Act as fair for them, despite the fact that “American colonists ‘paid no more than sixpence a year against the average English taxpayer’s twenty-five shillings’” when…

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