Economic Development : A Country Based On Its Social, Political, And Economic Growth

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Economic development is the progress of a country based on its social, political, and economic growth. It focuses more on improving the standards of living of the society by developing the health, education, employment, and economic policies of the country. The Philippines is still improving its economic development. A survey done by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) shows that during the last quarter of 2014 the Philippines unemployment rate

reached 27% which is equivalent to 12.4 million Filipinos (Flores, 2015). The lack of job opportunities impedes the Filipinos of having a chance to be able to acquire income, thus leading to a higher poverty incidence. From the year 2002-2007, 43.7% of Filipinos aged 12-15, which is the range for high school students, failed to enroll to schools (Sisante, 2008). This is caused by the financial struggle that most Filipinos are experiencing. The presence of these social issues makes the Filipinos question the effectiveness of the government. Thus, the idea of shifting the current government system - unitary system – to a federal system, in order to exhibit Philippine’s full potential, was proposed by some scholars and political leaders like Abueva, Brillantes, and Dueterte.

Federalism is a system of government in which power and authority is allocated to both the central and regional governments. Each unit has its own specified power such as the central government administrates the external affairs like foreign trade and the defense…

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