Essay on Economic Crisis And The Future

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Economic Crisis and the Future
Americans and Economist disagree on the ultimate causes as well as the severity for evolving from the so called financial crisis. Economist and Writers believe that we live in the worst economic conditions since the 1930’s. According to many economists the effects of this crisis will be felt for some time, however some feel as if the crisis will not be solved without major change. How did this “crisis” come to be and what can be done to fix it? (Pg. 516) The 2008 financial crisis and its economical aftermath is a significant historical event that may continue to have long-lasting effects.
The article by UNEP is a great example to start off with by how it shows a particular opinion. This article by UNEP is called, "Foreword" and "Introduction" to Towards a Green Economy: Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication is discussing a nation wide problem like starvation, the nonexistence of fresh water, and of course the ever growing population. This article firmly states the many causes of the economic crisis, which are discussing the capital misallocation time period, the consequences faced, and showing exactly how far are we from a so called Green Economy. How to measure progress towards a green economy is discussed on page 591-592.
The authors give the readers a graph to show exactly how measure this progress, this graph has the United Nations Human Development Index along with the world average bio capacity, starting in…

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