Economic And Political Effects Of The French And Indian War

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The Effects of the French and Indian War
During the 1754-63 the French and Indian War significantly altered the political, economic, and ideological relations between Britain and its American colonies. Political of effects the war included Britain 's disbandment of the salutary neglect policy. Economics is how the economy was doing and if the money was doing good in the region. During the and after the war the economy was chaotic and had an enormous debt that needed to be payed. Finally, an ideological relation is the most ideal situation for a relationship, such as a treaty which is ideal for helping colonist to obtain peace and a fair deal. Throughout the French and Indian War political relations had significantly impacted the relations between Britain and its American colonies and surpassed economics and ideological relations. Politics is the most important because it helped direct the government into the government we have nowadays.
Leading up to the French and Indian War, the French found foothold in Canada. The French were convulsed during
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In 1763, British order in council found that the revenue from the colonies could not afford to pay a fourth part of the expenses necessary for collecting it. It also states that “neglect, connivance, and fraud” had hindered revenue collection (Document F). The British saw this as a justification to seek out new sources of revenue from the American colonies. The idea for doing so was the 1765 Stamp Act, part of Prime Minister Grenville’s program to utilize control over the colonies. The Stamp Act required that all paper products to have a stamp on them. This was Ideological because it was an idea from the British that would guide the colonist to help pay the debt from the French and Indian war. It was also political because the British began to change the terms of their relations with the colonists by drifting away from salutary

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