Eco/365 Week 3 Lt Paper - Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis

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Current Market Competition: Analysis




Current Market Competition: Analysis

Electronics over the past fifteen years have become an everyday essential in today’s market. The use of personal computers skyrocketed from being in higher income households to common place in almost every home. Equalus Inc. is excited to jump into the world of desktop computers and notebooks by providing service to the masses of a “build-your-own” personal system with tech help and customer service all originating within the United States. Based on a series of questions Equalus will be able to build a desktop or notebook to the user’s needs. Consumers will no longer wonder if their purchase will be able to
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Issues Industry Faces Equalus will face many different issues while trying to break into the personal computer industry. The first will be overcoming big brand names. While there are many companies out there that offer the ability to build a custom computer many turn to the well known names like Dell and HP simply because of product name. Then there is the always changing technology. While Equalus plans on charging depending on the build of the computer there is no guarantee that price will be able to compete with the low prices that brand names can offer the consumer. Equalus will have to rely on big advertising to bring in a large flow of customers to ensure enough profit will be made to overcome the cost of various technological innovations that comes with PC’s. Reinforcement on Equalus’ motto “computers custom built on personality” can lead the consumers looking for a more personal touch to their PC’s to the company, strictly relying on the census finding stating, “ In 2011, 75.6 percent of households reported having a computer” (File, 2013). During the beginning stages, Equalus will rely on a small inventory and minimal employees to keep overhead costs and labor costs to a minimum to ensure that productivity stays high while the company is growing. Equalus also has operating procedures drawn up to keep the number of personnel working on one order to two

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