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| Eaton Corporation | The NAFTA Effect on North American Marketing | | Saint Leo UniversityMKT-564: Global Marketing | February 23, 2014 |

Introduction Considering the scope and intent of the Saint Leo University MBA Marketing course, Global Marketing (MKT-564), the purpose of this paper is to select a global organization and identify a specific relationship with global marketing. To accomplish this goal I have deigned to select Eaton Corporation as the subject of discussion. More specifically, this paper will focus on Eaton Corporation’s Electrical Assemblies Division of North America, the NAFTA trade agreement, and how the latter has affected Eaton from a global marketing perspective.
Company Overview
Eaton Corporation
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In large part, Eaton’s value proposition that has contributed to its success is also largely responsible for its slogan which is Powering Business Worldwide.
Powering Business Worldwide is more than Eaton’s slogan; it is a statement about what Eaton does. Despite the variety of products and services Eaton offers its customers, all are designed to deliver a superior position with which to efficiently manage power. Whether that power is electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical in nature, Eaton offers a solution. Eaton’s operations are broken up into two sectors, Industrial and Electrical (Eaton, 2014). The Industrial Sector includes three groups that include the Hydraulics Group, the Aerospace Group, and the Vehicle Group (Eaton, 2014). The Electrical Sector, by far the larger of Eaton’s two sectors, is comprised of the Electrical Americas Segment and the Electrical Rest of World Segment (Eaton, 2014). For the purposes of this paper, only the Electrical America’s Segment of Eaton’s Electrical Sector will be discussed. More specifically, the scope of this discussion narrowly examines Eaton’s North American electrical power distribution equipment operations that include panelboards and switchboards manufactured primarily at the Sumter, SC facility, supplemented by products produced at 17 satellite facilities located in major cities throughout the United States, and

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