Eating Disorders Should Be Treated As A Mental Disorder Essay

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Amber is that kind of girl who gets along with everyone and has many friends. She always seems happy, but when lunch time comes, she tries very hard to avoid the cafeteria. Amber spends every lunch period in the library finishing homework. Her friends want to eat with her and ask why she won’t eat. So why doesn’t Amber go to lunch? What’s wrong with her? Amber has an eating disorder called Anorexia Nervosa. Her mind tells her she doesn’t need food, she has a distorted vision of her body. Some people would say that Amber just wants attention, but an eating disorder should be treated as a mental disorder. Through advancements in medical technology and research, one can now see how an eating disorder is directly linked to a mental disorder.
Eating disorders are psychological illnesses defined by abnormal eating habits involving inadequate or excessive amounts of food that may affect one 's physical and mental health. (“Eating Disorders”) They can be caused by the press of media telling women and girls that there is one look on beauty, being skinny. The idea of being thin is being beautiful can affect many females to start serious habits that can cause many health problems. The media can also affect men and boys, causing them to develop disordered eating habits combined with excessive exercise and possible steroid use to increase muscle mass to obtain the ‘socially accepted’ body. “It is estimated that five million people in America alone are affected by eating disorders every…

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