Eating Disorders In Men Essay

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Eating Disorders in Men

Describe the Article This article goes in depth explaining eating disorder in men. In the article it highlights that there is a growing rise in men with eating disorders. Research has found that men with eating disorders struggle with different issues than women with eating disorders do. Not all of the symptoms and issues are different; there are some common problems that both genders struggle with but men also have some different issues than women with eating disorders. Issues with men that have eating disorders include their weight history, sexual abuse and other traumatic experiences in their life, gender orientation, depression and shame, exercise and body image, co-morbid chemical dependency, and media pressures.
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Many people do not think of eating disorders as something that is found in men, and men hide the fact that they have an eating disorder because of the shame and stigma that is attached to it. Bringing awareness to the topic of men having eating disorder can help with the stigma that is attached to it and promote society to understand and accept that men can have eating disorders too.
The article also brings to light that not all people have the same issues related to eating disorders. Men have different issues than women. The article talks about the different struggles that increase the chances of having an eating disorder or what men with an eating disorder have. These results are important because it helps point out different symptoms and issue that can help somebody realize why they might have an eating disorder and to know the different issues that correlate with eating disorders. These results about the issues that are found in men with eating disorders can help men that do not have eating disorder realize what types of issues that could cause the risk of contracting an eating disorder in the future, or it could help somebody notice if a friend or family member could possible have an eating disorder by owning the issues and

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