Eating Disorders : Eating Disorder Essay

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Eating Disorders
An eating disorder is defined as a disorder in which a person excessively and frequently changes the way they eat, whether it be consuming to much or too little food, in a manner that is unhealthy and harmful to their wellbeing, due to the person’s unhealthy fixation on their appearance. Additionally, eating disorders may involve; the deliberate vomiting of food, excessive exercise and/or frequent unnecessary checking of body weight. Types of eating disorders include: Binge eating, the eating of excessive amounts of food in a short amount of time; Anorexia, the extreme need to lose weight despite consequent health risks; and bulimia, the feeling of uncontrollable excessive eating of food followed by attempts to get rid of food consumed.
According to the National Eating Disorders Collaboration, up to 10% of the total population will be affected by an eating disorder and up to 15% in just the female population. The mental health issue is common amongst young people, particularly young women during adolescence (13-18 years old), particularly during puberty. In recent times there has been an increase in the prevalence of eating disorders in Australia, including increases of prevalence in younger and older age groups. By what extent is hard to measure due to the fact that it is estimated that only one tenth of eating disorders, like bulimia, are detected in the wider community. Furthermore, although, there has been an increase of this mental health issue in the…

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