Mary Hornbacher Reflection

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For this reflection paper, I chose to read the book that was written by Marya Hornbacher. Hornbacher was a journalist who wrote a book to illustrate her journey of battling with eating disorders since 1974 until 1996. Through her book, she gave a lesson that eating disorders can happen to anyone and at any age. Her narrative writing described the logical sequence of how the events happened in her life. In other words, she wrote about her own journey of dealing with Bulimia and Anorexia. Furthermore, the genre of her book is an autobiography because she wrote about her real-life story. I think the parents and their teenage daughters are the intended audiences for her book. The title of her book is Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia. This title is appropriate because it summarizes the main idea of what Hornbacher tried to communicate through her book.
Through her book, Marya expressed what she went through in that period of her life. She narrated her experience of
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Her intention was to inform other young generations of girls how to prevent to go through this difficult stage. In other words, she intended to call the attention of people, in general, to be aware of how eating disorders start and distort the sense of accepting ourselves. Eating disorders seem simple process; however, they are complex that attach the body constantly. There are some quotes that stand out the author’s talent of her book because she used them to embrace her intention. (Hornbacher, 1998) wrote a personal quote that was “she lives with the damage she did to her body” (p.7). This means that she was accepting her responsibility for what caused her body to respond in that way. Another quotes that summary her journey was from Adrienne Rich. In 1973, Rich wrote that quote in her book The Wreck Now. That quote supported her idea of the damaging caused for the mentioned

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