Earthquakes : Earthquakes And Volcanic Activity Essay

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“Earthquake (n.) is a sharp release of energy that sends waves traveling through Earth’s crust at the moment of rupture along a fault or in association with volcanic activity. The moment magnitude scale (formerly the Richter scale) estimates earthquake magnitude; intensity is described by the Mercalli scale (Christopherson, 2012).”
Progress in understanding the mechanics of earthquakes has come from improvements in data collection, laboratory experiments, and theory. Learning about the earth, elements within the earth and function of those element are necessary also to understanding earthquakes so that we have a clear picture of how they affect us.
The scientific study of earthquakes has not been around very long, until around the 18th-century information that described earthquakes were not recorded and the natural cause of earthquakes wasn’t clearly understood. According to a publication on the U.S. Geological Survey (usgs) website “The earliest descriptive information occurred in China in 1177 B.C. European earthquakes are mentioned as early as 580 B.C., but the earliest for which we have some descriptive information occurred in the mid-16th century. The earliest known earthquakes in the Americas were in Mexico in the late 14th century and in Peru in 1471, but the descriptive facts were not well documented (U.S. Geoglogical Survey, 2013).” “The most widely felt earthquakes in the recorded history of North America were a series that occurred in 1811…

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