Earthquakes And Society : Earthquakes Essay

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Earthquakes and Society Earthquakes are a part of this planet. These tremors can cause numerous damages to society. Such destruction, costs or changes to the Earth, can vary depending on the location of the earthquake. Many times earthquakes will cause severe harm to society and its surroundings. If for some reason, these earthquakes occur in places or areas with low populations, the results or damages, will be less. This means that if an earthquake happens in the dessert, where populations are low, the damages will not be as great as if an earthquake occurred in the middle of an urban location. These areas, because of heavy population and their surroundings, can increase the damage brought by earthquakes. This happens to be the case of this project. The earthquake noted on this paper did not happen in the middle of a populated area, or in a desert, but rather in the ocean. This earthquake caused a tsunami, which damaged many countries and killed many people. Such loss, damages, and destruction can occur anywhere on earth. History demonstrates that these earth movements have brought many damages to society, this particular earthquake, the Indian Ocean earthquake, did just that. The damage to society were great in size, this paper will cover the many angles of its effects. Such examples include its effects on Earth, damages, death tolls, economic impact, and permanent consequences.
Indian Ocean Earthquake 2004 Earthquakes can cause great damage to society, this by way of…

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