Earth 's Biodiversity : The Survival Of The Future Generation Species

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Earth’s biodiversity is been around for eons, one of the key factors why it have existed that long, is because of evolution and extinction. It is the nature’s way to continually adapt to the fast changing environment, though extinction is the “end of the line” of all living species; it is the key to the survival of the future generation species. But with humans around premature extinction will be a problem due to our selfishness and loss of respect to our environment. With humans also known as “wise man”, they will develop a way to slow down the premature extinction to prolong their existence and the other species as well.
More than 99% of all the species that have existed are now extinct, though extinction eliminates an entire type of specie it is the one nature’s way to continually adapt to the fast changing environment; a good chunk of that 99% is because of evolution, it is when a new specie emerge from a group that was isolated from the species population for a long time. There are two types of evolution, divergent and convergent. Divergent evolution is when single specie evolves into a variety of similar species that have adapted with its environment. The divergent evolution happens in 2 phases of isolation, the first phase is with geographic isolation, this occurs when different groups from the same population becomes isolated from the other group. For example bears, they vary in sizes and colors but they all came from early population of bear that have separated…

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