Earth Science Essay

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1. Select the most appropriate letter that describes an interaction from the concept map (also on page 23 of the book).

Plants absorb carbon dioxide. m
Volcano emits toxic gases. j
Earthquake destruction causes deaths. g
Animals drink water. f
Wind blows sand. i
Water evaporates from the oceans. d
Spacecraft explore deep space. b
Humans mine coal. h
Continents deflect ocean currents. k
Winds generate waves. c
Plants release oxygen. n
A stream carves a canyon. l
Fish live in oceans. e
Asteroid impacts Earth. a

2. Describe how the intensity of sunlight (insolation) varies as a function of latitude.

Insolation decreases with
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3. The core: Is a combination of iron and nickel, has a liquid outer region with a solid center; and, is roughly half the diameter of the Earth.
Earth’s Mechanical boundaries are as follows: 1. The lithosphere is the outermost mechanical layer and is the most rigid layer of the Earth. The lithosphere consists of the crust, and some of the uppermost mantle. 2. The asthenosphere lies beneath the lithosphere. It is a part of the mantle, approximately 100 km thick, with very little strength. The asthenosphere flows relatively easily and accommodate the movement of the overlying lithosphere. The upper and lower boundaries of the asthenosphere are diffuse as they involve gradual changes in the rigidity of the mantle, not a change in composition. 3. The lower mantle or mesosphere consists of most of the mantle. This part of the mantle flows, but at much slower rates than the asthenosphere. 4. The outer core is liquid iron (with some nickel and other elements). This is the only internal layer of the Earth that is a true liquid. The core-mantle boundary is the one mechanical boundary that is also a compositional boundary. Movement of the electrically conductive fluid in the outer core generates the Earth's magnetic field. 5. The inner core is solid. It has the same composition as the outer core, and is about half the diameter of the core.

9. Read the sentences in the following table and bold the appropriate underlines term that could

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