Essay about Earth Abides By George R. Stewart

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In the book Earth Abides, by George R. Stewart, there are various examples where kinship can be seen as the main integrating force. Following the main character, Isherwood Williams, through his journey to salvation, kinship emerges as the first institution after the great disaster. Towards the end of chapter 6, when Ish meets Em, the kinship institution informally begins. As these two begin to develop a new generation, starting with their two first two kids, John and Mary, and start including people into their community, the kinship institution begins to grow. In addition, in year sixteen, the children of Em and Molly get married, further expanding the kinship, making it extended and uniting both Ish’s and Ezra’s family. The family structure in the book could be said to resemble that of a hunting and gathering society. Everyone in Ish’s “tribe” lives together, this includes him and Em, their kids, the people they meet along the way, like Ezra, his wives, Evie, etc. Because of their small size, it seems to resemble a small tribe of a hunting and gathering society. The family structure would be considered neolocal since Ish, Em and their kids were the only ones to live together under a single household. In terms of the marriage status, monogamy seems to be the main norm, given that Ish is only married to Em and their kids have single wives/husbands. However, there seems to be an exception with Ezra who is in a polygamous relationship with, both, Molly and Jean. Their small…

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