EDL 701 Case Study

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Precios Armstrong
Major Assignment #2 Individual Summary
EDL 701
Dr. Cherem
Dr. Tunnicliff

In 1893 the Committee of Ten established a linear curriculum framework that mapped out the breadth and depth of coverage across for core academics and language. (The National Education Association, 1893) Those recommendations have stood as the standard for more than one hundred years. However, close examination of their proposals reveals that learner outcomes were not specified. The methodology and content were expressed without mention of the functional skills and applications that students were to gain as a result of the content. Twenty-first-century classrooms must do more that convey information. Curriculum and instruction must be responsive as well as empower students to “discover their passions and purpose in life” (Wagner, 2015, p. 43). Well designed, effective instruction creates opportunities for student success that enhance both knowledge and the capacity to apply it. An important change agent for facilitating more intuitive is Understanding by
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National, state, and local curriculum are the road map. Wiggins and McTighe describe six steps that support backward design; consult content standards-big ideas, essential questions, identify real-world applications; acknowledge key resources or favorite activities, pinpoint important skill(s), develop/find key assessment(s), and revise an existing unit (2005). Twenty-first century teachers equipped with UbD are better prepared to furnish their students with skills needed beyond the classroom. Instruction with intentional learning outcomes yields an effect size of .65, noting that .40 is the benchmark for positive impact. (Hattie J. , 2009, p. 276) However, instruction is not isolated to a particular class or classrooms. They are a component of school(s). Engagement of the whole, not just the part, is essential to sustained educational

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