E100 ema Essay

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EMA: Professional learning: reflecting and planning.

Ethical statement

I have been a qualified childcare worker since 1997 and thoroughly enjoy the work that I do, however I feel that it's only since October 2013 when I started my E100 The early years: Developing practice course that I have have truly developed as a practitioner. I have more knowledge and understanding about what I carry out with the children and the reasoning behind it. Throughout this EMA I plan to analyse the way in which I have developed as a practitioner during the past year. Currently, I work in an extended day care establishment in an urban area of Glasgow.
There are around currently 120 children attending on a daily basis and around 85% attend on a full
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John Bowlby highlighted the significance of young children establishing a strong emotional attachment to a significant adult and the influence that it can have on them as they develop their own relationships during the years. (Bowlby,1958)
I always thought I had understood this theory but on reflection from research I've done during my time on the the E100 Developing Practice course i realise that perhaps I didn't have a full understanding of it. I now know that a secure attachment is vital when working with young children.This is something that John Bowlby believed in as he suggested that babies have a predisposition to stay close to their caregivers. When I am settling a New child into the playroom I will work very closely with both children and parents as I now realise that it is vitally important for me to provide an environment that allows for both space and sensitivity to enable the child to gradually settle into the nursery environment.
I feel that part of my role when introducing children into the room is to alleviate any fears that the their parents/ caregivers may have. Mary Ainsworth worked closely with John Bowlby and she believed that a secure and nurturing setting could also help children to develop and maintain a sense of confidence and self esteem. I believe this to be true and I always try to ensure that the relationships I have with the

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