E Commerce Is The Modern Business Activities Essay

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The E-commerce in immediately
Prepared by: Liuyingzi Wang
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Course Code and Course: BHO0171-1415(1415-E-commerce)

E-commerce is the modern business activities that through computer technology, network technology, and telecommunications technology to help trading. It is a continuous optimization process which realization of electronic, digital, network-based transaction. In this process, it will supporting by the use of the Internet, extranet, e-mail, database, electronic catalogs and mobile phones to finish electronic funds transfer trade. According to Chaffey (2011), “All electronically mediated information exchanges between an organization and its external stakeholders.” Although the basic tools of e-commerce trading tool is technology use, the fundamental consist element is necessary to e-commerce trading too, which are the mall, consumer, products, and logistics.

E-commerce environment is a basic form which focus on enterprise-centrist e-commerce business. Also, the environment would impact and constraints e-commerce system in many aspects of business. The environment development of e-commerce include policy environment, legal environment, economic environment and technical environment. Two of the focus point on e-commerce environment is about legal and policy. The legal environment is for the security of electronic contracts, electronic regulations, security payment, intellectual property protection etc. Meanwhile, the policy environment is…

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