Essay on Dylan 's Songs On The Album

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Despite some of Dylan’s songs on the album lacking the weightiness that critics and audiences were used to, the calculated arrangement of the tracks established a structure that maintained listener’s interest. The album opens with a duet between Dylan and Johnny Cash on “Girl from The North Country.” The song serves as a prologue, calling back to simpler times of the past in Minnesota, when Dylan was surrounded by small-town, country culture. Dylan and Cash take turns singing “Remember me to one who lives there / She once was a true love of mine…Please see for me if her hair hangs long, / That’s the way I remember her best.” By opening the album with a song calling back to Dylan’s humble roots with a guest appearance by a country music legend, the listener is informed that this is a new kind of Dylan, a nostalgic and sensitive Dylan. Simon Vozick-Levinson aptly describes the duet as “sounding like a milestone to show how far its author had traveled since the song’s first appearance…(Vozick-Levinson, 2016)” The prologue is followed by an overture of sorts: the instrumental “Nashville Skyline Rag.” Featuring solos from each performer, the song spotlights each instrument playing a down-home tune that absolutely confirms that the listener of the album is in store for a new Dylan sound. In Paul Nelson’s words, “it’s country music at its joyful, shit-kicking best. (Nelson, 1969)” “Nashville Skyline Rag” seamlessly segues from a twist on classic Dylan into his new works, which…

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