Immanuel Kant And Duty Essay

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How is it that people are to follow through with something without considering the consequences? Immanuel Kant argues that we as people should not act for reasons because if we do, we will be self-contradicting ourselves. He believes that we are being morally irrelevant if we base are wrong doings or right doings with consequences before we choose to do the action. He believes we should be willing to accomplish our duties and tasks without worrying about the aftermath of an action. Kant believes it should be a requirement for us to obey the moral law because it is a noble thing to do. Kant does not believe in lying or doing evil, but he does believe in good will. Even if lying will help save a person’s life, Kant still insists that you should not lie because he believes that both a good lie and a bad lie should be prohibited. Kant deals with deontological ethics which is based on ethics out of a sense of duty or obligation. When it comes to good will we are to recognize what our duty is in life, we are to complete that duty, and we must be willing to do what is right no matter the situation.
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Kant requests for people to pursue their duty because it is their duty. “Act of that maxim which can at the same time have for its object itself as a universal law of nature” (Perry 533). Kant is stating that if you are the only person that can complete the task or duty then you should not do it. He does not want us doing things like committing suicide because that is not consider a good duty and he does not want people doing things that cannot be consist of as a universal duty. Kant wants us to realize that we should only complete a task or duty if we approve that other people can do it as well. Kant is hinting to us that we are not the only individuals in this world so we should think and act more universally than

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