Essay on Durkheim 's Theory On Society

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Functionalist sociologists, such as Emile Durkheim, project a consensus theory on society. However the idea of consensus, when it comes to suicide, doesn’t fit perfectly. Durkheim addressed this within his work through a book he wrote a book called “Le suicide”. This book states that the idea of suicide being a product of individuality, meaning only individuals have power on whether they decided to commit suicide or not, is actually an illusion and that society itself has massive amounts of influence on that decision although on the other hand he did state that the act itself is an extremely personal and is solidarity action. He addressed psychological factors within his work and said that they they do have manipulation on the brain causing suicidal tendencies, however, Durkheim placed great emphasis, and focused, on social factors within an individual 's life, like social groups or family, to be the blame for their early death. Durkheim was not interested in an individual 's personal traits but the social links between the suicides within particular societies. To explore this idea Durkheim conducted the research of traditional norms and values of different types of communities and compared them to the suicide rates of that particular place consequently bringing statistical data into social factors. His work mainly researched three countries; England, France and Denmark. All three showed a different amount of suicide rates with England having 67 million, France, who obtained…

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