Essay on Durkheim And Weber 's Theory Of Social Science

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The investigation of individual experiences, beliefs and conducts which are shaped by social forces, is the main aim of social science. But Social theories consist of diverse and often contradictory approaches about what is social science and what methods and presuppositions should sociologist take into consideration when they study the social phenomena (Kadakal, 2013). The aim of this essay is to present the main ideas of Durkheim and Weber, two of the founding fathers of social science, through their studies persuaded to examine the social issues which occurred in Europe during the 19thcentury.Firstly outlined Durkheim’s positivist empirical method of studying the social reality and his main ideas of his works ‘The Division of Labor in Society ‘(1893) and ‘Suicide’ (1895). Then is presented the Weber’s interpretive approaching of society, according to which the social science should study the relationship between ideas and actions of social members, and also his thesis about the problem of rationalization in modern capitalist society.
Durkheim was a positivist scientist and he argue that sociology rely on empirical evidences. Durkheim, argue that the laws of society are no different from laws of nature, and the method in which the society should be studied, is the same with the method of the natural sciences. As the nature has laws which are given to us, society has social objective structures which are external to and constraining upon the individual. These structures…

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