Duffy and Pugh: Social Attitudes in Their Poems Essay

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What connections have you found between the ways Duffy and Pugh present social attitudes in their poems?
Intro: Duffy and Pugh present social attitudes in different ways... Duffy empowers women, Pugh has negative views on aging.
Core Poem 1: standing female nude is about a woman who works for a poor wage for something which is out of her comfort zone… hello is about aging and how you get forgotten about. Isolation, powerless.
Core Poem 2: Mrs midas is about the consequences of midas's actions and how they have affected his wife. An older woman about a younger man she lusts after some parts of it she could be mothering others she seems like a predator. Corruption, wrong choices.
The poets Duffy and Pugh present social attitudes
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We understand that he is isolate because “however often the answer came it wouldn’t be enough” this shows how tragic the characters situation is that no one wants to pay him any attention. Also using the word “delaying” connotations of that something is being postponed so it makes it seem like he is attempting to postpone his own death. Also “embark” upon death pathway means that you are on the pathway to death this is significant because he is delaying the need to go on board’s deaths pathway. The reader will be quite solemn because he is on a journey to death and it will be quite touching to the heart. While there is a clear comparison between winters as the end of the yearly cycle which is a season associated with the retreat of life and shortening day this shows that he is going to die or is on the way to his death because the shortening of days may mean the shorting of his life. Her journey to get a bit of power is also shown by her “smiling” which “confuses him” she is showing him that no matter what he says and how rude he is she will smile. Although this smile could be a smile in vain we nor the painter will know this so therefore it just seems like she is showing him that he cannot hurt her. The reader will be pleased that she is so strong willed and that she can overcome his rudeness. The journey of the character in “standing female nude” illuminates the journey in

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