Drugs Used During Labor Essay

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Drugs Used During Labor
Throughout the years, medicine has become and still is one of the most evolving factors in our world today. Various doctors were not able to help find a way to help women bear the pain during labor. Women were just hoping that their baby would turn out healthy, no matter what they consumed or did. Many were not able to live with their child and died, sometimes along with the baby. Some nurses and doctors would only help deliver the baby, weigh it, check to see if it was healthy, tell the mother and leave. This problem was fixed rapidly. Women are now presented with a selection of drugs to help bear the pain during labor and the amount is dependent on the type of drug. They are given daily check-ups with their doctor
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It changes the mother’s recognition of pain and the experience by blinding the receptors located the central nervous system. A variety of hospitals prefer this drug as well because it is also fast acting. It has been found to cause breathing difficulties in various babies. Another drug that is used is stadol. Stadol relieves pain when given in the first stage of labor. It is commonly given in small doses. The drug could cause the mother and the baby to have respiratory depression. Stadol is somewhat similar to the first two opiates. It works in less than five minutes and is sedative. Some hospitals have very few drugs that are used only if the patient prefers them. Morphine has had some difficulties. It technically cannot count as a common use during labor because of what has happened in the past it has slowly declined. Morphine, recently, has not been used as a method of pain relief during labor because it could depress the baby’s ability to breathe. Nevertheless, multiple hospitals use it to relax the patient before she goes into labor. These three main opiates are the drugs that hospitals tend to use, but then again, the results will vary on what the patient decides or …show more content…
Pitocin is basically a man-made version of Oxytocin. Pitocin is used to start labor. Sometimes, it could be used after a delivery to help the uterus from bleeding. However, of the patient reacts too strongly or encounters too many contractions, the baby is affected due to the reaction of Pitocin. Now, it is used in many labor inductions to assist with stimulation of labor. If Pitocin is not used correctly, it can hyper stimulate the uterus causing the fetus heart rate to decrease do the stress. After delivery, Pitocin is given in a higher dose to help with uterine contractility and to prevent postpartum

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