The Importance Of Drug Use In College

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There are many health concerns related to drug use in college that can last years or even a lifetime. “Alcohol-related automobile accidents are the number one cause of death among people ages 15 through 24” (Hartwick College). Repeated use of drugs and alcohol in college can ultimately lead to physical and psychological dependence in the future. There have been many reports showing that marijuana use has affected the brain in a negative way in ways that it affects their memory, learning, and attention span. “Consequently, someone who smokes marijuana daily may be functioning at a reduced intellectual level most or all of the time” (DrugAbuse). There have been studies showing that students who do smoke have more poor educational outcomes compared …show more content…
Students who drank just to get drunk was up 21%, students who were frequently binge drinking was up 16%, students drinking on ten or more occasions went up 25%, and students getting drunk three or more times within a months period went up 26%. The use of marijuana on a daily basis has doubled and the use of cocaine and heroin has increased by 52%. Ways that the use of drugs and alcohol can be prevented on college campuses can be prevented by having stricter rules and consequences, banning alcohol and drugs in the dorms as well as at any university related events, and as well as not promoting any alcohol related activities around the college area. The number of bars and liquor stores should also be limited around the campus premises making it more difficult for the students to go out and get alcohol. The people who are most in charge for stopping the use of drugs and alcohol would be the university administration, trustees, and alumni. Parents should also be very much involved with their students who are in college educating them on the effects that they have on their bodies now and for a lifetime. Students should also be required to take a substance abuse class their first semester of college educating them more on what drugs and alcohol can do to them as well as the consequences that comes along with it. Knowledge and education is key when it comes to prevention. If more people were aware of what they were actually putting in their bodies and the effects that come along with it would most likely decrease the use of drugs and alcohol. College students tend to pick up their lifetime habits while they are in college and that is when they tend to last a

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