Drug Use During The Vietnam War Essay

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Drug Use During the Vietnam Conflict
Drug usage during the Vietnam War era was very common. Many soldiers who were drafted into the army had previously experimented with drugs, and it has been estimated that this included 30% of enlisted soldiers. While the remaining 70% of soldiers may not have ventured into drug use before the war, it became all to easy for them once they entered Vietnam where heroin and opium were easily accessed by the soldiers. The drugs were cheap and pure which enabled soldiers to get high with combining heroin with marijuana, or with tobacco. The issues of drugs during the Vietnam era was significant due to soldiers drug use over the course of the war, the associated drug trade that formed, and the negative after effects in the United States afterwards.
Soldiers who went to fight in Vietnam served at the very least a standard twelve month tour of duty. A significant number of troops began to use drugs shortly after arriving at their assigned locations within Vietnam. It was fairly easy to find a supplier for drugs since marijuana was grown all over Vietnam, this in turn made the crop easily accessible to U.S soldiers, and the "go-to" drug for the most of the U.S military population. On the bases where soldiers were stationed, there would be Vietnamese citizens with access that would in turn sell the narcotics to soldiers. The lax restrictions on drug accessibility made it so they did not have to go out of their way to obtain drugs, which…

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