Drug Use And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Drug use has become so rampant in our community that it has almost become a norm for us, but the one thing that I believe that the nation as a whole is having an issue coming to terms with accepting or approving the idea of pregnant or nursing mother using drugs either licit or illicit drugs during their pregnancy or nursing period. The knowledge or idea of a pregnant mother using drugs during their pregnancy mostly frowns upon not only for its moral significance but also health wise. If a female is using drug during her pregnancy, I believe that it is common sense that the child would either be addicted to that drug or the mother might experience some birthing issues and the child can be faced with some form of birth deformity all which can be avoided if the mother made the conscious decision of thinking about the effects that the drug can have on either her or her unborn child. According to the data found on Substances abuse and mental health services administration website, in 2012-2013, "Among pregnant women aged 15 to 44, 5.4 percent were current illicit drug users based on data averaged across 2012 and 2013" these numbers don 't mean anything till it is explained a little. According to the data I got from the Centers of Disease control and prevention, in 2013, there was about 3,932,181 Birth rate in the nation and there were about 62.5 births per 1000 women aged 15-44 years. Not explaining the math step by step, there is approximately eight percent of the babies born…

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