Drug Use And Drug Abuse Essay

755 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
Despite the common conception that drug use and drug abuse is only a recent phenomenon, history proves that drugs have been used since 5000 B.C. both for pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical purposes. As time progressed, new drugs were developed, discovered, and used by people for a variety of different reasons all around the world. In most cases, especially in earlier times, when new drugs were developed or discovered, the possible risks that they posed remained unknown because all that was tested or known was the positive outcome of the drug. For example, according to Dr. Robert N. Proctor, a professor at Stanford University, there were no conclusions established regarding the harmful effects of tobacco until the early 1940s (Proctor, Tobacco Control). Prior to the realization that smoking tobacco has a direct correlation to lung cancer and other diseases, tobacco was used frequently and recreationally because no testing was done to determine the harmful outcomes. Now, in 2015, hundreds of thousands of tests have been done that prove that drugs have multiple severe outcomes. This paper will discuss how drugs have a long-term effect on the drug user and those around them while simultaneously answering the question of whether or not drug abuse is a never-ending cycle. To start, it is crucial to know that the definition of drug abuse is the “habitual habit of addictive or illegal drugs” and this can include, but is not limited to, prescription drugs. It is also important…

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