Essay about Drug Trafficking And Gang Violence

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All over the world there are several gangs. Many of these gangs are more dangerous than others, but one thing that con-nects them is the number of crimes committed. Most of these gangs are involved with major drugs and weapons. Due to the amount of drug trafficking and gang violence there is a more rapid increase in the involvement of authorities, and cause the disturbance throughout the world.
Around the world many people ask “What’s a gang?” or “How do you get in a gang?” A gang is a group of men or women that have lots of things in common such as their lifestyle, also gangs are formed over what race you are for example, Cambodian, Vietnamese, White, African American and of course Latino. The gangs are categorized by the following names: Street gangs 88%, Prison gangs 9.8%, Motorcycle gangs 2.5%, and the Violent Gangs are the neighborhood gangs which are 54%. The main reason people join gangs is to look for a connection with people. Young men and women that are lacking friendship, support, love, and a family are usually the ones in a gang. Most gang members try to act all “big” just to show that they are not scared of anything. This is the reason why they’re called “gang-bangers”. Also, what pushes men and women into a gang is the lack of a father figure. Many people ask how streets gangs are different from organized crime. Street gangs are more organized. Small gangs have tiny groups of their own. They follow each other. “Gang leaders are easily and quickly replaced by…

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