Drug Therapy For Multiple Sclerosis Essay

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Multiple Sclerosis otherwise known as MS, is an autoimmune disease that affects both the brain and spinal cord. In other words this disease targets the nervous system. What makes this disease even more peculiar is that there is still no known cure for it. According to an article named “Drug therapy for multiple sclerosis” by Eleonora Tavazzi there seems to be two main pathogenetic mechanisms that drive MS which are: inflammation and degeneration. Inflammation is mostly related with relapses and demyelinating lesions to the brain and spinal cord while degeneration is associated with disability (Travazzi). According to the A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia “MS is caused by damage to the myelin sheath, the protective covering that surrounds nerve cells. When this nerve covering is damaged, nerve signals slow down or stop.” However, there is no evidence that shows what causes the damage to occur. Most scientist believe that the damage may be a result of a virus or a birth defect or even both. In the other hand, the probability of having MS only increase if you have a family history of having the disease or if you live in a country where most people have MS. There are various statistical studies that show that more women than men are affected by this disease but MS can happen to anyone regardless of gender and at any age even though the common ages for occurrences are between twenty and forty. What makes this disease so dangerous apart from what occurs from it, are that the symptoms…

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