Essay about Drug Policies Of The United States And Portugal

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Drug Policies
Hunter Gipson
University Of Arkansas- Fort Smith

This paper was prepared for Police Systems, Instructed by Dr. Pearn

Drug Policies
Drug policy is a common topic up for debate not only in the United States, but also among the other industrialized nations of the world. This is no surprise giving the United Nations estimated that the trafficking and selling of drugs it the third largest “Business” in the world, behind weapons and oil. According to Antonio Maria Costa, former director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the money generated from the drug trade was responsible for keeping banks of the world running “years before they finally crashed in 2008” (Vulliamy, 2011). This paper will outline two nation’s policies, United States and Portugal. It will discuss their effectiveness in curbing drug abuse, along with the sociological and health problems that are associated with drug use. The United States adopted a “War on drugs” policy in 1971, by begin to strengthen (Nadelmann, 2013); whereas Portugal has decriminalized possession of illicit drugs beginning in 2001 (Hollersen, 2013).
President Nixon was the first United States President to adopt a formal offensive against drug use and distribution. He began to enact multiple policies that began the United States war on drugs in 1971. Many have deemed these policies as failures. In 1977 President Carter first called for the Decriminalization of marijuana because the penalties “should not…

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