Essay on Drug Control in Central Asia

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Drug Control in Central Asia
Kory A. Lavine
Monday October 5, 2015
Jacqueline Waltman

Drug Control in Central Asia
Bitter Harvest covers the policy issues these countries have when it comes to controlling their growing drug epidemic. A growing problem is the opium trade originating out of Afghanistan, and the surrounding countries have a dramatic increase in abusers and addicts. The United Nations (UN) has a program in place in Central Asia, which is designed to combat this growing problem. Headed by Antonella Deledda, the United Nations Drug Control and Crime Program based out of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Due to some budgetary issues, they are working with a limited supply as they plan a trip through three countries to try to
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This gives way to the idea that the war may have had a hand in the increase of drugs produced and trafficked from Afghanistan. With war, we are already aware or particular war crimes; however, a different type of criminal element comes into play when referring to the drug trades. With a mob like a mentality, different militias have sprung up throughout the Silk Road. The impact has been felt farther afield: directly in that Russia's new drug problem and Europe's older one are now substantially fed from Afghanistan; indirectly in that Afghan instability, the global implications of which have become clearer since the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in the United States, owes much to the country's drug problem. (Osh/Brussels, 2001) Because of opium's abundance, cheap production, and the supply to Iran and Pakistan, they grew to have the largest proportion of drug users in the world. Central Asia is fast approaching to equal levels. The drug trade produced a health epidemic as well as a weakening of political and legal institutions. However, as they tightened border patrols to hinder drug trade, it has put the great strain on their already struggling economy.
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