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The Most Difficult Drugs to Quit for an Addict

If you have ever been curious about the 10 hardest drugs to quit, there are different ways to rank them. However, one of the most accurate ways is simply look at the number of addicts that exist at any one time in this country. Granted, some drugs are more readily available than others, but it can be argued that the total number of people with addiction is a good measure of how addictive a drug is, therefore, difficult to stop using.

Although this is not considered to be in the same class as narcotics, the nicotine in cigarettes is highly addictive. It is true that people can still function in society as smokers, and others people 's lives are not in jeopardy, but the effects of smoking
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It has been around for decades in its powder form, but after it was developed into a smokable form, the drug became extremely popular. Crystal meth, as it is often called, is a purse form of methamphetamine. The high is quickly achieved, and as a stimulant, gives the user an apparent burst of energy. However, this energy is an allusion, so the user crashes hard after the effect wears off.

Cocaine and crack cocaine
Cocaine has always been highly addictive due to the speed at which the chemical enters your bloodstream. The feeling of euphoria is incredible, and because it doesn 't last long, the desire to get high again is strong. Cocaine has been expensive n the past, but the smokable version of it, known as crack, is cheaper. For this reason, crack has been a bigger problem for addiction.

Prescription mood medications
There are a wide range of medications that fall into this category, and all of them have legitimate use by doctors for their patients. Most often they are prescribed for anxiety and other forms of mild neurosis. People get addicted to them quickly, and often purchase them illegally.

Prescription stimulants
These are medications that are designed to help people with concentration issues. Unfortunately, people have found that they can be sued to increase productivity with mental work. This is why they have become so popular on college campuses.

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