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While some people are in denial about their addiction, it can actually be difficult to tell when recreational drug use has turned into an addiction. The addiction definition says that an addiction is when the brain's memory, reward and motivation systems are rewired by drug abuse. Anyone can develop an addiction, and the right treatment can help people become sober.

What Is the Addiction Definition?

According to the addiction definition, an addiction is a chronic disease that affects the brain's circuitry. Over time, the drug targets how chemicals are processed in the brain. The reward system is affected, so individuals stop feeling pleasure from normal experiences. An addiction can cause cravings for drugs and other addictive behaviors.
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At this point, they may use drugs regularly in social settings. Before long, they may feel like they need drugs to interact in social situations and relax.

As drug use becomes more frequent, the individual may start to feel the physical effects of their addiction. The addiction definition for substance abuse is that it is using a drug in a way that seriously interferes with the individual's professional life, social interactions or health. The individual may start showing obvious signs of an addiction as their substance abuse leads to problems at home and at work.

In the last stage, the individual has developed a physical dependence on drugs. If they try to quit, they may experience withdrawal symptoms. The addiction has become the main focus of their life, and they will show many of the signs of an addiction. They may engage in risky behaviors, lose their jobs or have other effects of the drug abuse.

Recognizing That There Is a Problem

If someone fits the addiction definition, then they may need help with recovery. The first step in becoming sober is to realize that there is a problem. Unfortunately, many clients are initially in denial about their problem. It may take time for them to realize that their addiction is hurting themselves and the people around
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Individualized care is a type of treatment that looks at the individual's addiction, their current needs and the root cause of their addiction. By targeting the root problem, individualized programs offer clients a better chance at achieving long-term sobriety.

Individualized care can mean a blend of cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy and dual diagnosis treatment. At the best treatment centers, it also targets the client's life holistically. These programs offer treatment options like life skills, identity work, vocational support, purpose work and relapse prevention. By treating the client holistically, these programs offer each individual the best chance at success.

Recovering from an addiction is not easy. It takes the right blend of support and care for clients to truly recover. No one has to deal with the pain of an addiction alone. If you or a loved one suffers from an addiction, there are options available that can help. You can overcome your addiction and enjoy a healthier, happier life. To find out how you can begin your recovery today, call Healing Springs Ranch at

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