Drug Addiction : Choices And Treatment Essay

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Drug addiction: Choices

The cellular device rings and the voice on the other end says, “Hurry to the hospital, a family member is ill; the diagnosis doesn’t look good and drugs are the culprit.” The headline in the Sunday morning gazette reads, “Teen brutally attacks grandmother over fifty dollars.” In West Virginia, these scenarios are becoming all too familiar for families living here. West Virginia’s drug overdose death rate is double the national average. No family is immune to drug addiction based upon religion, race, or social standards. Drug addiction shouldn’t be blamed on a disease. It’s a choice an individual makes to partake in drug activity. The drug induced psychological euphoria creates a state of happiness and contentment within the individuals own mind. Drug addiction is a serious physical and psychological problem that has many factors including environment and genetics. No matter the underlying reasoning; it is a choice made by a person not a disease out of their control. Cancer is created by mutated cells within the body. Diabetes is associated with abnormally high levels of glucose in the blood. The above diseases are an abnormal physiological function of the body. Drug abuse is a conscience decision an individual makes that causes harm to the body; not a natural affect. How does where you live impact statistics of becoming an addict? The answer from experts is dramatically. Approximately ten percent of individuals who use…

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