Drug Addiction : A Social, Mental And Medical Disorders Essay

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Alberto Beltran
English 73x TTH 8-11 AM
Professor Elizabeth Buchanan
Drug Addicts Without doubt, drug addiction is accompanied by numerous social, mental and medical disorders. In the world there are people that think that being a drug addict is not dangerous. Be a drug addict or stay with a person that is addicted to the drugs in dangerous for some reasons. One of them is that if a person use drugs constantly in the future, it could cause problems with the health. According to Flannery Connor words “it will kill you” (290). According to Connor’s word he is referring that if somebody is using words, it will kill the person in the future. Or if a person is addicted to the drugs can make problems with another person or can kill somebody.
From the article called cerebral edema in drug addicts, show the problems and consequences that have been using drugs. Some consequences are that a person that use drugs could have brain problems. Other consequence is that if a pregnant women use drugs, the baby can be born in bad conditions. In the Zhang’s article, Predicting drug side effects of multi-label learning and ensemble learning. Drugs can help to treat diseases, but usually come with side effects or adverse reactions. Because of unintended side effects, a great number of approved drugs were even withdrawn from the market. Therefore, recognizing potential side effects helps to reduce costs and avoid risks in the drug discovery. However, wet experiments are costly and…

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