Drug Abuse And Addiction : Drugs Essay

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scription drug abuse and addiction
Ocean drugs are good they help people cope with disorders and various health conditions people use prescription drugs hopefully every day but these drugs can also have an addictive effect to them prescription drugs are a rising problem throughout the world and can be gateway drugs for people that misuse or abuse their prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs and example of drug misuse is taking more than what is recommended for you cough syrup is safe until is misused and can cause death in some cases this is just a small example of drug misuse and abuse.
Prescription drugs are being frequently misused by people every day in America and the world quotation since 1990, there has been a tenfold increase in prescriptions for opioids in the US quotation opioids are drugs like Oxycontin and pain killers this is a very big problem because opioids are a gateway drug for heroin these drugs are also a potential overdose for many people quotation in 1990, there were barely six thousand deaths from accidental drug poisoning in the US. By 2007 that number quintupled to 27,658 Deaths the misuse and abuse and addiction to prescription and over-the-counter drugs is a pressing problem in our society
The prescription drug abuse and misuse in this world is out of control people who are addicted or people that commonly misused prescription drugs are at risk of drug poisoning which could result in death of the user people are getting hooked to their…

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