Driving Traffic At The Ethical Way Essay

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Driving Traffic to Your Site the Ethical Way
By Leon Edward
Aug 17, 2007
Anyone who has a website knows how important it is to generate as much traffic as possible to draw in potential clients. This is what Internet marketing is based upon. Without website traffic you will not generate sales and your business will fail.

It is the website owners responsibility is to drive traffic to a website. The main tool that he or she uses are search engines such as Yahoo or Google. Advertising can be effective, however it is very expensive. When you use a search engine, you can only those consumers who are interested in your product for a fraction of the cost of advertising.

When you have visibility on a search engine, your website is being seen by millions of people who are looking for your product. Many website owners do not understand that this is what drives traffic to their site. Having a great website is wonderful, however it will do no good if you do not have traffic. There are common mistakes that many website owners make that are costing them traffic every day.

Misuse of Keyword

Keywords are the most important part of your site. Choose your keywords very carefully as they are what will direct traffic to your site from search engines. If you choose the wrong keywords you will get very little traffic.

Repetitive Keywords

You may think that using the same keywords repeatedly will get you listed more often, but in reality, the search engines will lower your standing or…

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