Driving On The White Roads Essay

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Getting from a to b in has never been easier. With a push of a button and a turn of a key, we’re barreling down the motorway in a comfortable sardine tin with a few pillows that eject in the case of a crash.

This all comes to a screeching halt when the first snowfall wreaks havoc on the minds of drivers who struggle to grasp the concept of driving on the white roads, with cars that are ill prepared for the weather. This can be avoided with a bit of time spent on equipping our vehicles with the necessary equipment to make them more reliable, easier to drive and our roads safer.

Our cars amazingly start in the dead of winter, and with little complaining provide us a safe and reliable means of transport. Unfortunately, the harsh season takes its toll.

I spoke to a local automotive technician, Benjamin May of Automotive Connection, who has over six years of automotive experience, on what we can do to help our cars to stand up to the test of winter. From the menial task of changing the washer fluid to the task of changing your oil.

The first recommendation is to change the regular engine oil for full synthetic oil. This due to the fact that it not only flows better but because it also lubricates in a superior fashion. Choosing the right type of motor oil for you vehicle plays a vital factor in the health, wear, and strength of your engine. The lower the viscosity, the better.

In oil terms, a viscosity rating has two parts that affect the rating. The first being Shear and…

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