Essay about Drinking Milk Or Any Dairy Products?

1471 Words Apr 1st, 2015 null Page
Like many children, teens, and adults around the world, I used to be a dedicated consumer of milk. In my youth, I regularly drank a substantial amount of milk every day because it was widely recognized as the best drink for promoting growth. However, I now never drink milk or any dairy products because I believe it does more harm than good. Even though I was drinking one to two liters every day, I rarely saw any height development. Instead, when I stopped consuming it I began to noticeably grow, and it seemed like my growth spurt started as soon as I stopped drinking milk. Because of this, I am convinced that milk does not promote development nor prevent bone fractures, and is actually harmful to humans. I believe the beverage contains hormones that are not optimal for humans to consume. When I was young, I developed minor atopy spots around my body, and it has been a genetic condition that I have carried with me all my life. But what was surprising was that the condition would worsen whenever I drank milk. When I stopped consuming it, the atopy gradually got better, and now (six years without drinking milk) the condition has nearly disappeared. Lastly, I have heard that the common belief of milk as a superb calcium source and healthy beverage came from heavy marketing and lobbying by U.S. farmers and dairy industries. Since these two parties have substantial political power because of the subsidies they receive from the government, they pushed for the sale of the excessive…

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