Drinking Alcohol And Drug At Sport Event And Music Festivals Essay

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This portfolio contains three parts of discussions which relates to the modern contemporary event industries. The first part of the discussion is on alcohol and drug management. According to New Zealand Police (2014), alcohol permitted events are associated with violence in a such environment where it is non-restrictive, a large groups of young males and crowding. Also, added that university sports fan students are mostly found to be drinking more alcohols and getting involved in binge drinking. Due to the high risk of alcohol and drug problems, Balden, Kennell, Abson and Wilde (2012) stated that it is important to manage and control them in order to maintain safe and comfortable atmosphere of the event. This part will examine current issues of attendees’ drinking alcohol and drug at sport event and music festivals.
The second part of the discussion is about sponsorship impact on event and sponsors’ benefit from the event. Operating event without having sponsors would not be able to attract visitors and failure of opening event, particularly event industry with low budgets. The last part of this discussion is marketing event. Nowadays, marketing has become significant in event industries to advertise their events. This marketing
One of the issues in contemporary event industries is managing alcohol and drug use at the events. Allen, Bowdin, O’Toole, McDonnell and Rob (2012) stated that procedures of alcohol and drug risk management can spread through every particular…

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