Rhetorical Analysis Of Anna March's 'Dream Of My Mother'

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“I do not wish them [women] to have power over men; but over themselves.” (Mary Wollstonecraft) Women’s rights remain as some of the biggest issues talked about in society today. Women in this generation sense a need of representative who obtains their rights in mind, and willing to fight for them. For this reason, the article “Dreams of My Mother "by Anna March attempts to convince readers regarding the legitimacy of Mrs. Clinton's candidacy by using issues, pathological appeals and characterization pulling readers in to see her side of the argument. To start with, in “Dreams of My Mother” by Anna March she centers the article on issues. She employs the core of humanity approach, by stating that “It feels important what I do for women …show more content…
She uses anger as her main emotional appeal. Using pathos, the author appeals to the audience’s emotions. She utilizes it to get a rise out of people and to hopefully change their political views. The author wants people to experience the emotions women felt when Hillary lost and what that means for their rights. In “Dreams of My Mother” March declares that “I voted wearing my THIS PUSSY GRABS BACK T-shirt”. (March pp.5) Voting with that t-shirt, she knew it would put Trump supporter up in a frenzy. As a result, she wants people to know how hard women fight for their rights. Women bear angry with the things said about them in the media, hence her statement and t-shirt. Anger, one of the most powerful persuading emotions, in which case March wields on readers to change their minds. According to the “Emotions and Decision Making” journal it observes that “For example, in their investigation of action tendencies, Frijda and colleagues (1989) found that anger was associated with the desire to change the situation and “move against” another person or obstacle by fighting, harming, or conquering it”. (Emotions and Decisions Making pp.18) March wants people to see how she feels. Experiencing anger, March wants people to help conquer the situation of women against Trump. March desires to make her grandmother’s dreams come true, not just her grandmothers, but her mothers and her dreams as well. Moving people to pity the anger she feels, will motivate them to take action. The author knows by using pathos others will agree with her then if she just showed statistics. People would want to do more if pushed enough, so she taps into their

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