Dreams By Edgar Allan Poe Essay example

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Dreams, I myself was never really interested in my own dreams until one night not too long ago I woke up with that unmistakable anxious feeling that one has after experiencing an unpleasant dream. It made me realize that I don’t talk about my dreams the good or the bad to anyone. Neither do most other people. That is because we as sophisticated adults tend to act as if bad dreams or any dreams at all are reserved for small children. Almost as if dreams were an unspoken taboo. However, dreams are now and always have been more important to us than most people either know or would like to admit, because, and I believe that Edgar Allan Poe said it the best, “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”
After heading down to the library I chose to start my research with the most basic answers I could think of from a dictionary. I thought if anything would give me a straight forward answer it would be the impressive sounding Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology. However, I was mistaken. They had four different definitions of what a dream was. The most interesting to me stated that “a dream is what people remember in the morning . . . a “memory” of the dreaming experience” (Matsumoto 170). It gives a different point of view to the normal idea of what a dream is. Memories are not something that is cut and dry and can be easily studied by science because everyone is different. Thinking of dreams as memories made me wonder what other ways besides from a scientific view could…

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