Essay on Dreams And Non Rem Dreams

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Dreams are visual or auditory experiences that our mind creates during a sleeping period. There are two types of dreams, REM dreams and Non REM dreams. REM dreams usually exhibit impossible or bizarre things that could not normally happen in real life, as Non REM dreams are more relatable to everyday life and seem possible to actually happen. (V. Hill, Personal Communication, January 2016).
The activity levels in the brain differ from Non REM and REM dreaming. The brain is most active in REM dreaming with parts such as the Brain Stem, Visual Association Area, Motor Cortex and Amygdala activated. Though there are many active areas of the brain in REM dreaming there are also inactive areas as well; like the Prefrontal Cortex. For Non REM dreams there is no brain activity. (V. Hill, Personal Communication, January 2016).
It is theorized that the reason REM dreams seem to be more bizarre is because of the multiple parts of the brain being active during that dreaming time. The Prefrontal Cortex is inactive during REM dreaming which could cause the erratic dreams from the Prefrontal Cortex being the area of reasoning and planning. As for Non REM dreams with the brain being inactive, everyday or repetitive activities would be dreamed with your brain being very similarly in an autopilot state. (Grison, Heatherton & Gazzangia, Chapter 3, 2015).
Typically dreams are not remembered either being REM or Non REM dreams. This is because dreaming is part of an unconscious, sleeping state.…

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