Essay about Dramatic Prince Of William Shakespeare 's Hamlet

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Hamlet, the well-known, dramatic prince in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, is a man of many contradictions. He is serious yet sarcastic, careful yet reckless, fragile yet strong. He is possibly the most puzzling character, as his thoughts, emotions, and actions make him seem both sane and insane - at the same time. Many people wonder what could possibly be going through his mind. He has extreme mood swings throughout the play, contemplates suicide, and even kills a few characters. There are many things that make it seem like Hamlet is truly mad, but all of these things are not without reason. Hamlet is plunged into an insanity-like state after the murder of his father. This state is only intensified when his mother gets remarried to his uncle. He is outraged by and upset over his father’s death, and it seems that when he learns of the incestuous, murderous, and inhuman acts that went on in the court, it prompts him to starting acting mad. By using his acts of insanity to unsettle and confuse King Claudius and his servants, Hamlet is able to gain the knowledge that he seeks and avenge his father’s death, but he also seems to lose himself a little bit in the act. Though it seems that Hamlet could truly be mentally deranged at times, there is evidence that suggests that he was planning on acting this way right from the start. After King Hamlet’s ghost reveals to Hamlet all of the details about the murder, Hamlet feels as if it is his responsibility to get revenge on his uncle,…

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