Essay about Dragons Are A Mythical Creature Of Art

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Dragons are a mythical creature of art some say. With how big, beautiful and strong they are. Made to take out soldiers and princes, these mythical creatures if close by you may be able to compromise a deal to where you aren’t eaten alive. Living close by a dragon could mean life or death. But could also have odds like protection and fighting for your life. Let’s find out what it’s like to live near a dragon.

There are three islands, each with their own king and or queen with a scary dragon right next door. On island number one there is a queen who thinks she is one of the scariest people of all. But little did she know that in the mountain next door covered with trees, hiding a cave lived this big red beady eyed black dragon. Little did she know that this dragon killed all that think they are scary just to prove a point. When the dragon, which soldiers call Shadow, came out to kill the queen she made a compromise. She said “over the next week whoever scares the most shall win and the other gets to kill the other.” The dragon agreed with a grin. After one week was up the queen and the dragon met at the highest point on the island to decipher who one the bet. The dragon said that he killed 349 people of which were soldiers entering his domain or just passer byers. The queen stated she hated her little town so she ordered every person to be killed within 30 miles of her castle. And her total was 350 people,the queen rejoiced knowing that she won. So as a scary dragon that…

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